Chris Thorpe
2002 Olympic Bronze Medalist
1998 Olympic Silver Medalist

     There are very few athletes in history who can match the credentials, or longevity of slider Chris Thorpe.  Now a veteran of the last four Olympics Games ('02, '98, '94, '92) Chris' trophy case includes both an Olympic Bronze Medal and an Olympic Silver Medal, not to mention a host of World Cup and National Championship hardware gathered over his seventeen year career. In all, Chris has won thirty-one international sliding medals - the most ever by an American.  He's also the first American ever to win the World Cup Championship and by the way, his '98 Olympic Silver Medal was the first American Olympic Medal ever in the sport of luge! Chris' list of accomplishments goes on and on, and is full of firsts, bests, and fastests...but the one trophy that has eluded him thus far has been Olympic Gold.  That's what motivates him to go on.
"My first love is of the sports itself, the speed, the precision, really the challenge of competing in the most precisely timed sport in the world (luge is timed to .001 seconds).  If it weren't for the passion I feel to compete, regardless of the medals, I would have long since retired.  I'm just as hungry to win now as I've ever been, in fact ever more so, because now I know I can win gold."
Born in Illinois, Chris' family relocatd to Michigan when he was very young and it was there that he entered the sport of luge on natural ice tracks.  Quickly showing potential, he was recruited to join the US Luge program in Lake Placid, New York.  Seventeen years and two trips to the Olympic Medals podium later, Chris has become one of the sports "best-ever" and has one eye firmly fixed on a fifth trip to the Olympics in 2006.  The other eye is now firmly fixed on his new born daughter Skylar (born March 13, 2002).  Chris and his family now reside in Gainesville, Florida.

Athletic Acomplishments

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Personal Info:

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Public Speaking and Promotional Appearances

Chris has performed public speaking engagements/personal appearances for; Verizon, Kodak, Xerox, Samsung, York International, Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, General Motors, John Hancock,  Jet-Set Sports, All Star Café, Visa, Panasonic, Delta Airlines, US Olympic Committee and Frito-Lay.

Verizon “Win at School” Program
Chris is a motivational speaker at school assemblies about his Olympic experiences, the importance and results of goal setting, dedication and staying in school.

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