Billy Schuffenhauer
2002 Olympic Silver Medalist
2006 US Olympian
     2002 was certainly a year to remember for pushman Billy Schuffenhauer.  It included getting married, earning a spot on the 2002 US Olympic Bobsled Team, winning the Olympic Silver Medal (the first US medal in bobsled in 46 years!) and celebrating the birth of his first child, daughter Skyy Belle, just days before Christmas.  Never one to rest on the past, Billy returned to competition for the 2002-03 season and with the aid temmates Todd Hays, Garrett Hines and Randy Jones went on to win an incredible seven World Cup Medals - including the silver medal at the World Championships!

     "2002 was an incredibly blessed and incredibly busy year for me.  To win here in Salt Lake, and to be able to share this with my wife and so many friends and family members here in my hometown made it all the more special.  I spent my whole life, in one sport or another, just a few minutes away from where I was awarded the (Olympic Silver) medal.  I couldn't have asked for more!"

     As a former football and track & field star Billy's explosive power on the field made him a natural fit for bobsled.  Despite only getting into the sport in October of 2000 his unparalleled strength caught the attention of the US Bobsled coaching staff in a hurry, and eighteen months later his 225 lbs. frame was proudly weighed down by his first Olympic medal.  For Billy, there was no better place on earth to succeed than in Salt Lake City, that's where he was born, raised, and now lives with his new family.  He is currently training for in Park City, UT and Lake Placid, NY for a shot at Olympic Gold at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torrino Italy.

     Billy is also the first ever Puerto-Rica to win a Winter Olympic medal!

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Billy has performed public speaking engagements/personal appearances for; Verizon, Kodak, Xerox, Samsung, York International, Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, General Motors, John Hancock,  Jet-Set Sports, All Star Café, Visa, Panasonic, Delta Airlines, US Olympic Committee and Frito-Lay.

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