Chad Hedrick
Olympic Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalist
6-Time World Record Holder

 Allround World Champion

World Rank - #1
50-Time World Championship Gold Medalist (Inline)
World Cup Champion
World Cup Medalist

National Champion

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'The Exception'

To describe Chad Hedrick as the greatest speedskater of all time may come under some debate, but not much.  Hedrick's exceptional abilities, both on and off the ice, have earned him the appropriate nickname - 'The Exception'.  He has amassed more skating medals through ice and inline competitions around the world than any man in history...and he's still going.

Born and raised in Spring, Texas, Hedrick was in skates by two years old at the local roller skating rink his parents still own. By the time he was eight, he was National Champion. At sixteen, he was World Champion.

Chad revolutionized the inline speed skating world with his own personal unique skating technique, originally dubbed simply 'The Chad' it is now universally referred to as the double push or DP.  It has become the standard skating technique for élite skaters around the world.  If you aren't using the double push, you aren't winning.

During his inline skating career Hedrick won 93 national championships and 50 world championships, as well as having a brand of inline skating wheels named after him. It was shortly after having won his 50th World Championship, in Oostende, Belgium, in 2002, from a hotel casino in Las Vegas, that he watched fellow inline skater (and Q Sports client) Derek Parra win a gold medal on the ice at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Hedrick was inspired to do the same...and more.

In February 2004, after only one year training on the ice, Hedrick won the 2004 World Allround Speedskating Championships, knocking more than a point off the world record.  He went on to win the gold medal in the 5,000 meters during the 2004 World Single Distance Championships. In 2005 he successfully defended his 5,000m world title.  He has gone on to set six world records, is the current leader of the world ranking system Adelskalender, and was the first man in history to ever skate 10,000 meters in under 13 minutes. 

2006 Winter Olympic Games

The Texan raised the stakes at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, striking gold in the 5000 meter event.  He added a silver medal in the grueling 10,000 meter race and settled for bronze in the 1500 meter distance.  Chad is only the third American in history to ever win three medals in a single Winter Olympics.


Chad is currently living and training in Salt Lake City, UT under the watchful eyes of fellow Olympic gold medalists Bart Veldkamp and Derek Parra.

2006 Olympic Games
Gold 2006 Turin 5000 m
Silver 2006 Turin 10000 m
Bronze 2006 Turin 1500 m
World Championships
Silver 2005 Moscow Allround
Gold 2005 Inzell 5000 m
Bronze 2005 Inzell 10000 m
Gold 2004 Hamar Allround
Gold 2004 Seoul 5000 m
Bronze 2004 Seoul 10000 m


Personal records
Distance Time Date Location
500 m 35.58 2006-03-18 Calgary
1000 m 1:08.23 2005-12-31 Salt Lake City
1500 m 1:42.78 2006-11-18 Salt Lake City
3000 m 3:39.02 2005-03-11 Calgary
5000 m 6:09.68 2005-11-13 Calgary
10000 m 12:55.11 2005-12-31 Salt Lake City
Points combination 148.799 2006-01-22 Calgary

Athletic Accomplishments

Hedrick is a 6-Time World Record holder:

Records in roller/inline speed skating

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