Eric Bernotas
2006 U.S. Olympian
2006-2007 World Championships Silver Medalist

 11 Time
World Cup Medalist
4-Time U.S. National Champion
Track Record Holder - Nagano, Japan & Lake Placid, USA

Bernotas named one of US Olympic Committees Top 25 Olympic it here

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'Obstacles becoming opportunities' is perhaps the best way to characterize Eric Bernotas and his remarkable ascendancy to the top of the sport of skeleton.  Almost inconceivably, Bernotas took his first skeleton run in 2002 and since then has found personal clarity, athletic excellence, and his first Olympic Team.  He is regularly a podium threat and has already claimed five World Cup gold medals while setting two track records.  Unsatisfied with a sixth place finish at the Olympic Games in February of '06, Eric has set his sights on the top step of the podium in Vancouver - 2010. 

His story, in his own words;

"I havenít always dreamed of skeleton, but I have always dreamed and desired to pursue excellence in life.  The challenges of life taught me to persevere by using my talent, strengthening my character, remaining open, embracing new opportunities, and praying for the courage to follow through with action.  Over the past years, I have been fortunate to experience the love and care of my family and friends, who supported me as I faced alcoholism and who have continued to support me as I face depression, social anxiety and a tic disorder associated with Tourette Syndrome.   By these graces, Iíve learned that obstacles can become opportunities, which has propelled me to unleash my potential, and to do so with purpose.  In 2002, skeleton became my vehicle.  I continue to grow and persevere.  The lessons have been priceless.  I thank God for the opportunity to be my best, and I am motivated to make a difference by inspiring others to discover their potential."     - EB

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